Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Low credit score apartment rental?

i am a college student and i need to find a place to live. i live at home now (22) but my parents are selling the home and moving to their condo they rent out so i have no choice. i have bad credit though. seriously like a 390-430 range. i don%26#039;t want to go into it ut i had a high limit because my parents put me as an authorized user and i was able to get my own card with a 20k balance and other high balance cards. what are my options? i am reformed now but my past is hurting me.

Low credit score apartment rental?


390-430, THat is really low, in fact that says %26quot;no credible credit history, that is like as low as possible, have gotten a credit report? I%26#039; d find out if it%26#039;s really that low.

find a place that doesn%26#039;;t do credit checks.

Low credit score apartment rental?

Since you have no prior rental history, you%26#039;ll probably need a co-signer. I%26#039;ve got a pretty crappy credit rating myself, but because I%26#039;ve got a 15+ year history of being an A1 renter (I%26#039;ve never been late with my rent, never broken a lease and never been subject to an eviction), I had no problem getting another apartment this past month when I decided that 9 years in one place was long enough.

There ARE places that don%26#039;t run credit checks, but they%26#039;re in crummy, unsafe neighborhoods.

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